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How is my portfolio data stored by this app?

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Editing The Portfolio Assets List, and Enabling Email / Text / Telegram / Alexa Price Alerts (installation on Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, Windows 10, or website)

Example CSV File
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  Bitcoin (BTC) / @     Holdings: BTC     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Ethereum (ETH) / @     Holdings: ETH     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Misc. USD Value (MISCASSETS) / @     Holdings: MISCASSETS     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Uniswap (UNI) / @     Holdings: UNI     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Maker (MKR) / @     Holdings: MKR     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Dai (DAI) / @     Holdings: DAI     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Loopring (LRC) / @     Holdings: LRC     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Helium (HNT) / @     Holdings: HNT     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Solana (SOL) / @     Holdings: SOL     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Decentraland (MANA) / @     Holdings: MANA     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Keep Network (KEEP) / @     Holdings: KEEP     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Golem (GLM) / @     Holdings: GLM     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Hive (HIVE) / @     Holdings: HIVE     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Swipe (SXP) / @     Holdings: SXP     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Enjin Coin (ENJ) / @     Holdings: ENJ     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) / @     Holdings: DATA     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  Mysterium (MYST) / @     Holdings: MYST     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:
  SocialGood (SG) / @     Holdings: SG     Average Paid (per-token): $     Margin Leverage:

Email / Text / Alexa / Telegram price alerts are enabled in the configuration file (upon 9.25% or more USD price change / max every 2 hours per-alert / $3,500 minumum volume filter enabled).
Enable a cron job on your web server, or this feature will not work AT ALL.
Config formatting seems ok.

Chart Backups are enabled in the configuration file (run every 1 days, purged after 7 days old).
Enable a cron job on your web server, or this feature will not work AT ALL.
Config formatting seems ok.

SMTP email sending (by account login) is enabled in the configuration file.
Config formatting seems ok.


Sort Portfolio Data By:

Primary Currency Market: BTC / @ Stand-Alone Mode (WON'T automatically change Bitcoin market on "Update" page)

Price Change Visual / Audio Alerts:

Show Crypto Value Of ENTIRE Portfolio In:   BTC  /  ETH  /  HNT  /  UNI  /  MKR  /  LRC

Show Secondary Trade / Holdings Values In:  

Use cookies to save data: (un-checking this box deletes ALL previously-saved cookie data permanently)

Enable trading notes: (requires cookies)

Charts Notices / Information

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Low memory devices (Raspberry Pi / Pine64 / etc) MAY CRASH #IF YOU SHOW TOO MANY CHARTS#.

You can enable "Use cookies to save data" on the Settings page before activating your charts, if you want them to stay activated between browser sessions.



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BTC / USD @ CoinBase
BTC / USDT @ Binance           USD Value
BTC / USD @ Kraken
BTC / EUR @ Kraken           USD Value
BTC / JPY @ BitFlyer           USD Value
BTC / USD @ Bitmex
ETH / BTC @ Kraken           USD Value
ETH / USDT @ Binance           USD Value
ETH / USD @ CoinBase
ETH / EUR @ CoinBase           USD Value
ETH / USD @ Bitmex
UNI / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
MKR / BTC @ CoinBase           USD Value
DAI / USDC @ CoinBase           USD Value
LRC / USD @ CoinBase
LRC / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
HNT / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
HNT / USD @ Binance US
SOL / USD @ CoinBase
SOL / BTC @ FTX US           USD Value
MANA / BTC @ Bittrex           USD Value
MANA / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
KEEP / BTC @ Kraken           USD Value
KEEP / BTC @ HitBTC           USD Value
GLM / BTC @ Bittrex           USD Value
HIVE / BTC @ Bittrex           USD Value
SXP / BTC @ KuCoin           USD Value
ENJ / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
DATA / BTC @ HitBTC           USD Value
DATA / BTC @ Binance           USD Value
MYST / BTC @ HitBTC           USD Value
MYST / BTC @ Bittrex Global           USD Value
SG / USDT @ Bittrex Global           USD Value
SG / BTC @ BitMart           USD Value

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Select News Feeds

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Blog - Binance Academy
Blog - BitcoinCore.org
Blog - BitcoinCore.org Meetings
Blog - BitcoinCore.org Releases
Blog - BitcoinCore.org Security
Blog - Bitfinex
Blog - Bitmex
Blog - Bittrex
Blog - Coinbase
Blog - CoinGecko
Blog - CoinMarketCap
Blog - ConsenSys
Blog - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Blog - Ethereum EIPs (Last Call Review)
Blog - Ethereum Solidity (smart contract programming language)
Blog - Ethereum.org (community-driven on-chain smart contracts)
Blog - Helium Network (community-driven global LoRaWAN network)
Blog - Kraken
Blog - Kraken Market Reports
Blog - Kraken News
Blog - LoopRing (Ethereum Layer 2 Network)
Blog - OkCoin
Blog - Open Node (Professional Bitcoin Ecommerce Merchant Services)
Blog - ZkSync (Ethereum Layer 2 Network)
News - Altcoin Buzz
News - AMB Crypto
News - Bitcoin Magazine
News - Bitcoinist
News - Box Mining
News - BTC Manager
News - CoinTelegraph
News - Crypto Mining Blog
News - Crypto Potato
News - Ethereum World News
News - The Block
News - The Merkle
News - Token Daily
News - What's New In Eth2
Newsletter - Bitcoin Optech
Newsletter - EthHub
Newsletter - Lightning Labs (Bitcoin Layer 2 Network)
Newsletter - LoopRing (Ethereum Layer 2 Network)
Newsletter - Our Network
Newsletter - The Daily Gwei
Newsletter - Week In Ethereum
Podcast - Bankless
Podcast - Blockchain Insider
Podcast - Citadel Dispatch
Podcast - Citizen Bitcoin
Podcast - Into the Ether
Podcast - Let's Talk Bitcoin
Podcast - POV Crypto
Podcast - Proof of Talent
Podcast - Stephan Livera
Podcast - Tales From The Crypt
Podcast - The Bitcoin Podcast Network
Podcast - The Scoop
Podcast - Unchained
Podcast - What Bitcoin Did
Podcast - Zero Knowledge
Reddit - Bitcoin (top)
Reddit - CryptoCurrency (top)
Reddit - CryptoMarkets (top)
Reddit - Ethereum (top)
Reddit - EthFinance (top)
Reddit - GPUMining (top)
StackExchange - Bitcoin (hot)
StackExchange - Ethereum (hot)
Youtube - Andreas Antonopoulos
Youtube - Anthony Pompliano
Youtube - BTC Sessions
Youtube - Crypt0's News
Youtube - Crypto Finally
Youtube - DataDash
Youtube - Epicenter Podcast
Youtube - Ethereum Foundation
Youtube - Ivan on Tech
Youtube - Kripto Emre (turkish)
Youtube - Kripto Sözlük (turkish)
Youtube - Naomi Brockwell
Youtube - Nugget's News
Youtube - VoskCoin

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QR Code Generator For Addresses

Using this QR code generator will set this page as the start page, which you can reset afterwards at top left. If you have portfolio data you don't want to lose, be sure you have enabled "Use cookies to save data" on the Settings page before using this tool.

If you need to safely / quickly copy an address to yours or someone else's phone / air-gapped machine / etc, with a QR Code scanner app.

NOTE: Whitespace, carriage returns, HTML, and non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed.

Altcoin Trade Preview / Marketcap Calculator

Preview your altcoin buy / sell order value. Can also be used to calculate the marketcap of a coin supply.

Token Amount:

BTC Trade Value:

Per-Token (USD): $0.00 (0.00 BTC)

Total: $0.00 (0.00 BTC)

External Tools

  • Chain data (block height, difficulty, etc) is cached for 75 minute(s).

*Using these mining calculators will set this page as the start page, which you can reset afterwards at top left. If you have portfolio data you don't want to lose, be sure you have enabled "Use cookies to save data" on the Settings page before using these mining calculators.

Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Block height: 706,317


Your Hashrate:

Block Reward: (MAY be static from Power User Config, verify manually)

Watts Used:

kWh Rate ($/kWh):

Pool Fee: %

Ethereum Mining Calculator

Block height: 13,473,977

Gas limit: 30,000,000


Your Hashrate:

Block Reward: (MAY be static from Power User Config, verify manually)

Watts Used:

kWh Rate ($/kWh):

Pool Fee: %

HIVE Power Interest Rate / Power Down Weekly Payout Calculator

Power Down Period: 13 weeks

HIVE Power Interest Rate: 1.2 percent annually (see Power User Config for yearly adjustments)

HIVE Power Purchased:

HIVE Power Earned:

All HIVE Power:


Marketcap Stats

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Other Stats

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Block Explorers
Crypto Wallets

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News Websites
Coin Mining / Staking
Blockchain Developer Resources
Intermediate / Professional Server Software and Services
Miscellaneous Links
Youtube Channels


Web server setup / install is available for $30 hourly if needed (see 'Manual Install' section for managed hosting, or try the auto-install bash script for self-hosted). PM me on Twitter / Skype @ taoteh1221, or get a hold of me using the below-listed contact methods.

Have a question, feature you'd like to see added, or an issue to report? You can do that at the following URLs...

Issue Reporting (Features / Issues / Help): https://github.com/taoteh1221/Open_Crypto_Tracker/issues

Discord: https://discord.gg/WZVK2nm

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Oo2XZRS2HsOXSMGejgSO0A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taoteh1221

Private Contact: https://dragonfrugal.com/contact

Donations support further development...

Bitcoin: 3Nw6cvSgnLEFmQ1V4e8RSBG23G7pDjF3hW

Ethereum: 0x644343e8D0A4cF33eee3E54fE5d5B8BFD0285EF8

Helium: 13xs559435FGkh39qD9kXasaAnB8JRF8KowqPeUmKHWU46VYG1h

Github Sponsors: https://github.com/sponsors/taoteh1221

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dragonfrugal

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/dragonfrugal

Recommended MINIMUM system specs: 1 Gigahertz CPU / 512 Megabytes RAM / HIGH QUALITY 32 Gigabyte MicroSD card (running Nginx or Apache headless with PHP v7.2+)

Compatible With Raspberry Pi Zero W

To install / upgrade everything automatically on Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi (an affordable low power single board computer), copy / paste / run the command below in a terminal program (using the 'Terminal' app in the system menu, or over remote SSH), while logged in AS THE USER THAT WILL RUN THE APP (user must have sudo privileges):

wget --no-cache -O FOLIO-INSTALL.bash https://git.io/JoDFD;chmod +x FOLIO-INSTALL.bash;sudo ./FOLIO-INSTALL.bash

Follow the prompts. This automated script gives you the options to: install / uninstall a PHP web server automatically, download / install / configure / uninstall the latest version of the Open Crypto Tracker app automatically, setup a cron job automatically (for price alerts / price charts), and setup SSH (to update / install web site files remotely to the web server via SFTP) automatically.

When the auto-install is completed, it will display addresses / logins to access the app (write these down / save them for future use).

SEE DOCUMENTATION-ETC/RASPBERRY-PI for additional information on securing and setting up Raspberry Pi OS (disabling bluetooth, firewall setup, remote login, hostname, etc).
Just upload this app's files to your PHP-based web server (with an FTP client like FileZilla) and you should be all set, unless your host is a strict setup related to file writing permissions, in which case the 'cache' directory permissions should be set to '777' chmod on unix / linux systems (or 'readable / writable' on windows systems).

Your web host must have CURL modules activated on your HTTP server. Most web hosting companies provide this "out-of-the-box" already. This app will detect whether or not CURL is setup on your website server (and also alert you to any other missing required system components / configurations).


See "Setting Up Price Charts And Email / Text / Telegram / Alexa Price Alerts", for how to setup a cron job for additional features.
You can setup price charts or price alerts in your app install. Price alerts can be sent to email, mobile phone text, Telegram, and Alexa notifications. You will be alerted when the [configured default primary currency] price of an asset goes up or down a certain percent or more (whatever percent you choose in the settings), for specific exchange / base pairing combinations for that asset. You can even setup alerts and charts for multiple exchanges / base pairings for the same asset.

Running price charts or price alerts requires setting up a cron job or scheduled task on the Ubuntu / Raspberry Pi / Windows 10 machine or website server (this is automated for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi users using the automated FOLIO-INSTALL.bash script / Windows 10 users who run the ADD-WIN10-SCHEDULER-JOB.bat file), otherwise charts / alerts will not work. Also see the related settings in Admin Config for charts / alerts.

Once a cron job is setup, there is no need to keep your PC / Laptop turned on. The price charts and price alerts run automatically from your app server. If you encounter errors or the charts / alerts don't work during setup, check the error logs file at /cache/logs/error.log for errors in your configuration setup. Basic checks are performed and errors are reported there, and on the Settings page.

If you want to take advantage of these cron job based features and more (chart data backups, daily or weekly error log emails / etc), then the file cron.php (located in the primary directory of this app) must be setup as a cron job on your Ubuntu / Raspberry Pi / website server device.

As mentioned previously, if you run the automated setup / install script for Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi devices on home / internal networks, automatic cron job setup is offered as an option during this process. If you are using a full stack website host for hosting a TLD website domain name remotely, consult your web server host's documentation or help desk for their particular method of setting up a cron job.

Note that you should have the cron job run every 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes 24/7, based on how often you want chart data points / alerts / any other cron based features to run. Setting up the cron job to run every 20 minutes is the RECOMMENDED lowest time interval. IF SET BELOW 20 MINUTES, lite chart disk writes may be excessive for lower end hardware (Raspberry PI MicroSD cards etc). IF SET #VERY LOW# (5 / 10 minutes), the free exchange APIs may throttle / block your data requests temporarily on occasion for requesting data too frequently (negatively affecting your alerts / charts).

FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS, just click / run the file 'ADD-WIN10-SCHEDULER-JOB.bat' found in the main directory of the app, and everything will be automatically setup for you. As long as you login into your Windows account after system startup, the scheduled task will run every 20 minutes until your computer is shut off.

FOR LINUX / MAC USERS, here is an example cron job command line for reference below (NOT including any cron parameters your host interface may require), to setup as the "command" within a cron job. Replace system paths in the example with the correct ones for your server (TIP - A very common path to PHP on a server is /usr/bin/php):

/path/to/php -q /home/username/path/to/website/this_app/cron.php

Here is another example of a COMPLETE cron command that can be added by creating the following file (you'll need sudo/root permissions): /etc/cron.d/cryptocoin on a linux-based machine with systemd (to run every 20 minutes 24/7)...play it safe and add a newline after it as well if you install examples like these:

*/20 * * * * WEBSITE_USERNAME_GOES_HERE /usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

If your system DOES NOT have the directory /etc/cron.d/ on it, then NEARLY the same format (minus the username) can be installed via the legacy 'crontab -e' command (YOU MUST BE logged in as the user you want running the cron job):

*/20 * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Important Cron Job Notes:
MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE EITHER /etc/cron.d/, or 'crontab -e', NOT BOTH...ANY OLD DUPLICATE CRONTAB ENTRIES WILL RUN YOUR CRON JOB TOO OFTEN. If everything is setup properly, and the cron job still does NOT run, your particular server may require the cron.php file permissions to be set as 'executable' ('755' chmod on unix / linux systems) to allow running it.
Important Note: In the upcoming v5 release (due out in 2021 or 2022), doing this manually in a text editor won't be necassary. You will be able to do it in the "Admin Config => Portfolio Assets" interface much easier.

Below is an example for editing your assets / markets into the portfolio assets in the file config.php (located in the primary directory of this app), in the PORTFOLIO ASSETS section. It's very quick / easy to do (after you get the hang of it, lol). Also see the text file DOCUMENTATION-ETC/CONFIG-EXAMPLE.txt, for a pre-configured set of default settings and example assets / markets.

Contact any supported exchange's help desk if you are unaware of the correct formatting of the trading pair naming you are adding in the configuration file (examples: Kraken has arbitrary Xs inserted in SOME older pair names, HitBTC sometimes has tether pairing without the "T" in the symbol name).

Support for over 80 trading pairs (country fiat currency or secondary crypto, contact me to request more):


Support for over 40 exchanges (contact me to request more):

binance / binance_us / bit2c / bitbns / bitfinex / bitflyer / bitmex / bitmex_u20 / bitmex_z20 / bitpanda / bitso / bitstamp / bittrex / bittrex_global / btcmarkets / btcturk / buyucoin / cex / coinbase / coinex / cryptofresh / defipulse / ethfinex / gateio / gemini / hitbtc / hotbit / huobi / korbit / kraken / kucoin / liquid / localbitcoins / loopring / loopring_amm / luno / okcoin / okex / poloniex / southxchange / upbit / wazirx / zebpay

Nearly Unlimited Assets Supported (whatever assets exist on supported exchanges).

Ethereum ICO subtoken support (pre-exchange listing) has been built in (values are static ICO values in ETH).


            'UPPERCASE_COIN_ABRV_HERE' => array(
                'name' => 'COIN_NAME_HERE',
                // Website slug (URL data) on coinmarketcap / coingecko, leave blank if not listed there
                'mcap_slug' => 'WEBSITE_SLUG_HERE', 
                'pairing' => array(
                     	'lowercase_pairing_abrv' => array(
                                  'lowercase_exchange1' => 'MARKETIDHERE',
                                  'lowercase_exchange2' => 'ASSET/PAIRING',
                                  'lowercase_exchange3' => 'ASSET-PAIRING',
                                  'lowercase_exchange4' => 'ASSET_PAIRING',
                                  'lowercase_exchange5' => 'ASSETPAIRING',
                                  'defipulse' => 'ASSET/PAIRING', // DeFi Generic
                     	'eth' => array(
                                  'lowercase_exchange1' => 'MARKETIDHERE',
                                  'lowercase_exchange2' => 'ASSET/ETH',
                                  'lowercase_exchange3' => 'ASSET-ETH',
                                  'lowercase_exchange4' => 'ASSET_ETH',
                                  'lowercase_exchange5' => 'ASSETETH',
                                  // ETH ICOs...MUST be defined in 'eth_erc20_icos', in Admin Config POWER USER section
                                  'ico_erc20_value' => 'ETHSUBTOKENNAME', 
                                  'defipulse' => 'ASSET/PAIRING||OPTIONAL_LIQUIDITY_POOL_ADDRESS', // DeFi Generic

                ) // pairing END
            ), // Asset END

If the portfolio assets settings are re-configured or re-ordered in Admin Config, reload / refresh the page before updating any coin values, or the submission form may not be configured properly and may not submit or display data correctly. Also, you may need to uncheck "Use cookies to save data" on the Settings page, to temporarily clear out old cookie data that may conflict with the new configuration...then you can re-enable cookies again afterwards.

If you recently upgraded to a newer version of this app, and layout or features don't work properly anymore, you may need to clear your browser cache (temporary files) and restart you browser / refresh the page afterwards. This will assure your browser is loading any newly-updated layout styling or javascript-based features.

If your problems still persist even after clearing your browser cache (temporary files) and restarting your browser, your config.php setup may be corrupt IF YOU EDITED IT BY HAND. If you did edit it by hand, try backing up you old config.php file, and replacing it with the default config.php file included with the latest release. This will ensure your configuration setup is not corrupt from messed up file formatting.

If none of the above solutions work, your last resort (before contacting me for support) is to wipe out all data in your cache directory folder within the app. THIS WILL ERASE YOUR CHART DATA, SO YOU MAY WANT TO BE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST. After your chart data is backed up, delete the folder named 'cache' in the main directory of this app. Reloading the app web page should re-create the cache folder, with new / clean cache files.

If you are still having issues after trying everything, file an issue here at the github project account, and I will help you troubleshoot the problems: https://github.com/taoteh1221/Open_Crypto_Tracker/issues
Either the asset has not been added to Coinmarketcap.com or Coingecko.com yet, you forgot to add the URL slug in it's config section, or you need to increase the number of rankings to fetch in Admin Config in the POWER USER section (300 rankings is the safe maximum to avoid getting your API requests throttled / blocked).
If you have enabled SMTP emailing (to send emails) but it doesn't work, check the error logs files at /cache/logs/error.log and /cache/logs/smtp_error.log for error responses from the SMTP server connection attempt(s).

If you are sure your username / password / host:port setup are valid, try disabling SMTP email sending by blanking out your username / password / host:port (in the Admin Config COMMUNICATIONS section), and see if PHP's built-in mail function sends emails OK (no setup required, other than SMTP settings must be blanked out).

Important Note:
SMTP email sending is REQUIRED if you are running this app on a home network, or if reverse DNS hasn't been properly setup for the TLD domain hosted on this device (servers receiving email from this machine would likely blackhole it, or mark it as junk email).
If page loads are sluggish or throw API connection errors without clearing up, and you have enabled proxy ip addresses, check the error logs file at /cache/logs/error.log for error responses from the proxy server connection attempt(s). If there are no errors log entries related to the issue that help diagnose the problem, disable using proxies (in the Admin Config PROXY section) and try loading the web page again.

If it is a bad or misconfigured proxy setup causing the issue, and everything runs great after disabling proxies, you probably have either (a) a bad proxy or proxy configuration, or (b) an API server / endpoint address is not responding properly when routed through proxies (example: HTTP used instead of HTTPS can cause this error). If you are absolutely sure your proxy setup is ok, and that an API connection built-in to this app is the issue, please report it.
This app will automatically detect and alert you if your system doesn't support zip file creating or secure random number generation, which are both used in creating the zip archive backups. So if you have issues with your backup archives working, it's most likely related to file / folder permissions. Make sure the /cache/secured/backups/ directory access permissions are set to readable and writable. This assures the ZIP archive has permission to be created in this directory.
If you are getting a lot of messages in the error logs like "file_write_error: File write failed for file X", you may need to free up disk space quota on your device, OR change directory permissions on your /cache/ folder. Check to make sure you have not used up all your ALLOWED disk space quota, AND that your /cache/ folder permissions are readable / writable (777 on unix / linux systems).

If you already have plenty of disk space quota freed up / your cache folder permissions are readable / writable, and you still have file write issues on linux-based operating systems, you MAY need to setup a higher "open files" limit for your website user account. If you have shell access you can login and run this command to check your current limits:

ulimit -n

If it's a low number like 1024, this MAY be the cause of your file write error issue (especially if you run multiple web apps that write a lot of data on the same account). If you are running a dedicated or VPS server, you can easily change this limit.

Running a google search for "set permanently ulimit -n linux", you'll find tons of articles on permanently upping your user's open files limit:

If you installed this application on a device on your home network, or on any other network WITH A SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION, you may need to increase the default timeout for retrieving API data IF YOU #FREQUENTLY# RECEIVE #PARTIAL# API DATA IN THE APP FOR SOME API DATA SETS (the error logs will alert you if this is happening, so check there).

To adjust the API timeout, go to the Admin Config POWER USER section. Adjust the 'remote_api_timeout' setting much higher, save the setup in the app, and run the app again to see if this fixes the issue. Adjust higher again if the issue still occurs frequently. DON'T SET 'remote_api_timeout' TOO HIGH though, or any unresponsive connections may cause the app to take a very long time to load / reload.

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