DFD Reddcoin Tips

DFD Reddcoin Tips is a WordPress plugin to display Reddcoin tipping and payment widgets on your website, and send and receive Reddcoins within a built-in password-protected admin console that fully integrates and connects you to the Reddcoin API (ReddAPI.com).

For security of your Reddcoin balances, the API keys are stored with 2 way / 256 bit encryption in the wordpress database for a high level of protection from theft, and are decrypted on-the-fly only when using the command console with your WordPress password.

This public Open Source (free) project’s downloads, documentation, support ticket system, etc are now all located at https://wordpress.org/plugins/dfd-reddcoin-tips/. Currently this is brand new code (as of December 2014), and although stable there may be certain server setup configurations that I need to adjust compatibility for…so please open a support ticket before leaving a bad review, and I’ll make the plugin compatible with your particular setup if possible.

Submit bugs and feature requests at the WordPress.org Plugin Support Page, or at the DragonFrugal.com Help Desk.

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