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DFD Turbolist Converter

DFD Turbolist Converter is a plugin for oscommerce-based shopping carts to import and reformat your eBay listings from TurboLister [1] and Blackthorne [2] into your shopping website, category structure and all, while stripping out auction-only data. Whether you are importing 5 products or 50000, DFD Turbolist Converter can handle it even on a shared hosting setup.

Note: Future versions (with a free upgrade available to everybody) will also have the ability to export website products to a Turbolister / Blackthorne compatible spreadsheet format.

Currently available as a ZenCart [3] Plugin (requires EasyPopulate ZenCart Plugin [4] at the moment)…please feel free to give reports or feedback related to it’s development [5]! :o)

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Download v1.04 [7]

Other Related Downloads

FIXED.easypopulate.php.zip [8] (Fixes EasyPopulate v1.2.5.4 multi-language setup…english with id=1 required)

EasyPopulate.SQL.Fixed.For.v1.2.5.4.sql [9] (Fixes EasyPopulate v1.2.5.4 ZenCart database upgrade)

Excel.macro.price_up10pts.txt [10] (MS Office macro, to update an entire column’s price by X%)

OpenOffice.macro.price_up10pts.txt [11] (Open Office macro, to update an entire column’s price by X%)