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Payments And Donations

Private project payments can be paid here, as well as donations for all my free open source projects. If you are donating, please be sure to send a message with your donation [1] if you prefer to have it go to a specific project’s development, or if you are sending a direct blockchain transaction (so I am alerted that you have sent it). Thank you very much for your support! 🙂

 1.  With PayPal / Crypto:

  Please enter a description and the payment amount, and click on the PayPal logo button below to send a PayPal transaction...  Description:   
Amount:  $ 

...alternatively for Paypal, go to https://www.paypal.me/dragonfrugal [2] and enter your Paypal amount there.

  Or pay with Crypto directly: You can send a donation / payment directly through a crypto network below if you prefer, as long as you take full responsibility for confirmation that you are sending the correct amount(s) to the correct address. You can send a small test amount before sending any full amount, if you contact DragonFrugal.com [1] first.

Bitcoin (BTC): 3Nw6cvSgnLEFmQ1V4e8RSBG23G7pDjF3hW

Ethereum (ETH): 0x644343e8D0A4cF33eee3E54fE5d5B8BFD0285EF8